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TS6 5mm Premium Topsoil

TS6 5mm Premium Topsoil

BS3882:2015 (5mm)

This is our standard BS3882 TS6 blended topsoil screened to 5mm.


TS6 is the name we give to our blended BS3882:2015 multipurpose topsoil. We run our TS6 premium through a 5mm screen to create an almost rootzone like material that is ideal if drainage is a major concern. We create a sandier and more friable materials, as well as removing some of the 5-10mm pieces of compost from the blend, which can at times hamper percolation rates.

Technical Data

Total Nitrogen: 0.36%
Medium/Fine Sand: 61%
Total Sand: 83%
Organic Matter: 8.1% (LOI)


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