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Bioretention Soil

Bioretention Soil

Part of our commitment to SuDS, our bio retentive soil has been engineered to work in systems such as swales where water run off management and filtration is key.


Bio retention schemes are part of SuDS and focus specifically on landscaped features adapted to control water run-off close to source. We have designed a bio retentive topsoil that acts as a filtration medium to help control water flow rates, and reduce the environmental impact of flooding, in line with CIRIA guidelines. These schemes are most commonly used in high density urban areas in car parks, traffic island or within small pockets in residential areas. Our Bio retention soil blend is design to drain well but not too well to allow for maximum pollutant removal. We can also control the rate of permeation through the use of materials such as expanded clay pellets (seen in the product picture).

Technical Data

Medium/Fine Sand: 62%
Organic Matter: 3.5% (LOI)
Total Porosity: 47%
SHC Rate: 146 mm/hr


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