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Sports Sands
RH28 Sand

RH28 Sand

USGA washed sand

RH28 is a medium coarse washed silica sand, light in colour and USGA graded


RH28 is another sand from Redhill and has around 78% of particles in the medium to coarse grade. It is extremely free draining and can also be used, along with the Grade D sand as a subsoil in urban tree pits. It conforms to the USGA specification.

Washed US Sand Medium Coarse USGA Sand
  • USGA
  • Top Dressing
  • Bunker Sand
  • Play Pit Sand
Grade D Sand Medium Coarse Washed
  • Top Dressing
  • Sand Banding
  • Construction
  • Treepit Subsoil
Contract Sand Unwashed USGA Sand
  • Clean As Dug
  • Medium Coarse
  • Amelioration
  • Construction