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Bourne Amenity Subsoils

Since the arrival of the 2013 BS8601 standard for subsoil's, Bourne Amenity have offered a number of subsoil options to suit a wide variety of landscaping schemes. We will match any specification our clients provide, and can also advise on the correct subsoil for your particular project.

Loamy Sand Subsoil BS8601 Subsoil
  • BS8601 Certified
  • Friable
  • Free Draining
  • Single Source
Sandy Clay Loam BS8601:2013 Subsoil
  • BS8601 Certified
  • Single Source
  • Sandy/Clay
Sandy Loam Subsoil BS8601 Subsoil
  • BS8601 Certified
  • Sandy Loam
  • 64mm/hr Drainage
  • 5.7 PH
Roof Garden Substrates Lightweight Substrates
Sports Sands USGA and beyond