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Loamy Sand Subsoil

Loamy Sand Subsoil

BS8601 Subsoil

Our most popular single source free draining subsoil, used across large planting schemes.


Although this material is slightly outside of the BS8601:2013 specification due to a high sand content, it is the more popular choice for large landscaping projects due to its faster drainage capabilities. Whilst the sand content is high, it can move water at 66mm/hr which is desirable in the many of the larger, high end planting situations. It comes from a single source, is screened to 10mm and due to its popularity has been rigorously tested by our UKAS laboratories, giving peace of mind to the large contractors.

Technical Data

Screen Size: 5mm
Organic Matter: <0.5% (LOI)
Medium/Fine Sand: 63%
SHC Rate: 100mm/hr


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