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TS1 Topsoil

TS1 Topsoil

20mm Sandy Loam

An as dug topsoil conforming to BS3882:2015 Multipurpose Grade and screened to 20mm.


As opposed to our TS6 topsoil (which is blended), this is a inert as dug topsoil that also conforms to the BS3882:2015 multipurpose specification. It has a slighter heavy consistency and tends not to perform as well in terms of permeability and porosity as the TS6. It comes from a single greenfield source and is extremely consistent and perfect for large construction projects and landscaping areas where high volumes and consistency are key.

Technical Data

BS3882:2015: Multipurpose
Screen Size: 20mm
pH: 8.1
Texture: Sandy Loam


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