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Roof Garden Substrates
Intensive Topsoil

Intensive Topsoil

Lightweight Topsoil

Specified for general planting on roofs and podiums and a vital part of SuDS


Intensive roof gardens are identical to any standardised "floor" garden and require maintenance, irrigation and management throughout the year. Our Intensive Roof Soil is purely an evolution of the standard BS3882:2015 multipurpose topsoil, but with an added element to bring down the bulk density. A clean, free-draining (sandy) loam with good levels of NP and K is blended with Lightweight Expanded Clay Aggregate to create a relatively free draining substrate that will sustain a variety of planting schemes. Ideally your saturated bulk density won't exceed 1,200kg per cubic metre (standard topsoil is around 1,600kg) with a dry bulk density around 850kg. Projects such as the Sky Garden in London Walkie Talkie building were installed using our Intensive soil blend.

Technical Data

PH: 8.2
SHC Rate: 18mm/hr
Saturation Bulk: 1460kg/m³
Oven Dried Bulk: 1150kg/m³
Organic Matter: 9.4% (LOI)


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