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TS6 10mm Topsoil

TS6 10mm Topsoil

Manufactured BS3882:2015

Manufactured topsoil to meet BS3882:2015 Multipurpose Grade


TS6 is the name we give to our blended BS3882:2015 topsoil. We have been blending to the BS3882 specification, since its introduction back in 2007. This is our most popular certified topsoil and is delivered across the country from one of our four blending facilities. This material is tested regularly at a UKAS accredited laboratory to ensure quality and consistency. With high levels of medium/coarse sand, the material is more free draining than a lot of other loams and allows water and air to permeate deep into the root zone. For raised bed planting we would recommend our premium 5mm blend, TS1 Plus Topsoil or one of our bespoke horticultural blends

Technical Data

PH: 8.4
Organic Matter: 11.8% (LOI)
Total Nitrogen: 0.35 mg/l
Total Sand: 83%
Medium/Fine Sand: 58%


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