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Grass & Fertiliser
RPR Stadium

RPR Stadium

For use in Football and Rugby stadiums


Fast to establish with an unparalleled capacity for recovery from wear due to stoloniferous growth habit whilst offering Superior Colour and Leaf Spot tolerance.


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Classic 80/20 AKA Bar 2
  • Traditional Mix
  • Golf Greens
  • Bowling Greens
Fescue AKA Bar Fescue
  • Four Red Fescues
  • Fine Appearance
  • Fine-Turf Areas
Smooth Sport AKA Bar 8
  • Football & Rugby
  • Polo Pitches
  • Racecourses
RPR Golf AKA Extreme RPR
  • Exceptional Wear
  • Fast Recovery
  • Good Aesthetics
  • RPR Ryegrass