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SuDS Materials
Washed Subsoil Sand

Washed Subsoil Sand

Washed Tree Pit Subsoil

A medium/coarse washed sands used in the base of Rain Garden Bed, Bioretention Basins or Swales for optimum drainage.


In order to move the water away from the base of the high draining SuDS Soils, we would recommend a layer of a washed medium coarse silica sand. Our Washed Sand Subsoil drains at over 500mm per hour and is perfect for laying in the bottom of your SuDS systems (as well as tree pit in both Soft & Hard Landscaping) situations.

Technical Data

Medium/Fine Sand: 55%
Permeability: 376 mm/hr
Total Porosity: 37%
CBR Top: 10%
CBR Base: 27%


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