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Sports Sands
Grade E Sand

Grade E Sand

Washed USGA Sand

Grade E is a medium washed USGA silica sports sand.


Our Grade E sand is quarried and washed at our Westerham site and falls within the category of a medium grade sand. It is extremely popular as a top dressing sand, however less so as bunker sand due to the darker colour. Perfect for sand spreading, sand banding or slitting, it travels extremely well and as is used by sports clubs, golf clubs and various other institutions for a number of applications. It is not quite as course as our Grade D sand but is classified as a USGA sand.

Technical Data

pH: 7.0
Medium Sand: 52.8 %


icon-technical-document-alt-normal-text Grade E Gradings 2...
RH37 Sand Medium USGA Sand
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