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US Sand

Washed USGA

Our light coloured washed USGA complaint silica sand from Westerham.


Back in 2016 we discovered a seam of lighter sand at the Westerham quarry synonymous with the darker Grade D and E sands. This sand when washed was compliant to the USGA grading standards and is now extremely popular as a cheaper alternative to the RH sands. With the majority of the particles falling into the medium coarse range it is extremely well fast draining and can act as a top dressing and indeed bunker sand if required. We also had this sand passed as a BSEN1177 approved non staining play pit sand.

Technical Data

SHC: 629 mm/hr
Medium Sand: 49.7 %
pH: 6.5
Coarse Sand: 26.0 %


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RH37 Sand Washed USGA
  • USGA
  • Bunker
  • Top Dressing
  • Washed
RH28 Sand Washed USGA
  • Bunker
  • Free Draining
  • Silica
  • Sub Angular