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Grass & Fertiliser
RTF Turf

RTF Turf

Rhizomatous Tall Fescue

Hard wearing, drought tolerant turf used in landscaping where quality combined with sustainability is required.


RTF is a type of tall fescue, which produces rhizomes. A rhizome is an underground stem that grows outwards from the main plant, producing more shoots as it goes. In this way RTF has the ability to repair itself, and produce a nice dense mat of grass to give a very hard wearing surface.


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Shade Tolerant Turf County Shade Turf
  • Shade Tolerant
  • Dense Sward
  • All Year Colour
  • Low Maintenance
Amenity Turf
  • Hard Wearing
  • Good Recovery
  • 1m² Rolls
  • 70-80m² Pallets