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RPR Golf

RPR Golf

AKA Extreme RPR

Tees, Fairways and Walkways


The perfect blend of Perennial Ryegrass for use in areas of intensive golf traffic to deliver turf with exceptoinal wear tolerance, fact recovery and good aesthetics.


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Fairway Rye AKA Bar 6
  • Medium-Fine Turf
  • Excellent Wear
  • Superior Colour
Fescue AKA Bar Fescue
  • Four Red Fescues
  • Fine Appearance
  • Fine-turf Areas
Seven Sport AKA Bar 7
  • Excellent Colour
  • Superb Wear
  • Fast Growth
  • Winter Sports
Classic 80/20 AKA Bar 2
  • Traditional Mix
  • Golf Greens
  • Bowling Greens