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Here at Bourne Amenity we believe in a holistic service, from the blending and sourcing of materials, through to rigorous testing and reliance on our own fleet of delivery vehicles. We are happy to visits sites, attend site meeting and work closely with you and your client to take the hassle out of the supply chain.

Bespoke Mixing
Free Samples
Soil Testing
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Bespoke Material Mixing

At our various blending facilitates we have range of materials and wealth of experience to help our clients customize their requirements. From ameliorating sands and composts, to blending John Innes and SuDS materials, we can add or remove any particular element from our blends to help ensure the maximum effectiveness of your chosen product. We work closely with UKAS labs to ensure each blend will perform at an optimal level for the particular scheme.

Free Samples

We believe in ensuring that the client is completely aware and happy with the materials prior to delivery. Therefore alongside providing all of the latest test data, we will fast track samples anywhere in the UK to help ensure that our customer know exactly what the material will look like when it arrives.A visual understanding of the materials such as topsoils is a useful way of avoiding any surprises when a large quantity arrives on site.

Soil Testing

Since the 2012 Olympic project, testing regimes have had to become much more rigorous and robust. We test all of our materials using UKAS accredited laboratories and to the highest standard demanding by the industry. Materials are tested at least once a year, and the majority of our soils are tested every 500 cubic meters. Our materials display the consistency to give our customers the peace of mind on site, and in the rare occasion of a fail, we will work tirelessly to rectify the situation.

Need A Contractor?

Our sister company Bourne Sport is one of the foremost sports turf contractors in the UK, and are specialists in the construction of natural and artificial sports facilities. Please get in touch if you require any information on the range of services Bourne Sport can offer.