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Sports Sands
SS01 Sand

SS01 Sand

Rootzone Sand

A medium fine washed silica sports sand


Our SS01 sports sand is quarried at our Sevenoaks depot and used not only for standard sports turf use (topdressing etc.) but is also the key component in our various rootzone blends. It falls just outside the USGA parameters due to the quantity of fine sand particles, however is fine for top dressing, sand banding and the other natural turf drainage treatments.

Technical Data

USGA Grade:
Medium Sand: 62.6%
Permeability: 607 mm/hr
Total Porosity: 41.6%


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RH65 Sand BS EN1177 Play Sand
  • Bunker Sand
  • Play Pit Sand
  • Washed
  • BS EN1177
Grade C Sand Medium Fine Sports Sand
  • Top Dressing
  • Construction
  • Rootzone
  • Sand Banding